marble White Thassos, White Pighes, Sive, Ambrosia

marble Volakas White, Ariston White, Nestos, Naxos

marble Kavala SemiWhite, Aliveri Grey

marble Aghia Marina, Astir Grey, Levadia Black, Vytina Black

marble Cream Vanilla, Didyma Beige, Mykines Beige, Karnazeika Beige

marble Giannena Beige, Ligourio Beige, Macedonia, EretriaRed
Supplies are inexhaustible!
Quarries of marble are scattered almost everywhere in Greece, both in the mainland and islands. With numerous already operating quarries (some of them even from the ancient times) and potential new quarries, this small country in the South Europe has become one of the world’s basic manufacturers and will certainly remain a key supplier in upcoming years in worldwide exports.

Quality stone!
In Greece, quality is considered a most important element. The governmental Greek Institute of Geology & Mineral Exploration (IGME) through the establishment of a modern and fully equipped laboratory, called LITHOS, will test the quality of all ornamental stones. With its additional support and guide, you can be assured that your chosen type will stand competitive in quality and appeal.

More than 60 types!
Nowdays, there are quarried more than 60 different marble types and stone in Greece of various colors from the lightest to the darkest color variety to choose from, such as: pink rose, dark red, rosso, green, verde, gray, ash-colored, semiwhite, black, beige, cream beige, peach, breccia, brown, crystal or pure snow white.

Fine processed stone!
In Greece, marble industries have now more than ever gained valued experience and in-depth knowledge. With the combination of that knowledge, experience and the latest technology, they quarry, process and export at low competitive prices all types, in all forms (raw or finished products) to fulfill all your needs.

Unique and timeless building material!
Greeks learned early to appreciate natural stones. They widely used them as building or ornamental materials and created long lasting monuments. However, they fascinated not only the ancient artists and builders but today architects & designers, as well, who use many of the Greek marble types to enhance the beauty and the design of their projects in flooring and walls, stairs, tops and columns.

Natural product!
Marble, granite, limestone and slate, with their unique grains, patterns & colors, can be used as construction or decorative materials and in no terms, what nature creates can be compared to artificial stones or tiles. Besides, with the use of modern technology in manufacturing & maintenance, nowdays, all natural rocks can be even more easily maintained or repaired.

Famous and popular stone!
In Greece, apart from the famous and long lasting ancient monuments totally built by Greek marble, tiles, slabs and blocks have been exported worldwide for several decades. For their high quality, color variation and hardness, it was just a matter of time for most of them to become famous and popular in the international market. Such famous ones are: Pentelikon, White Thassos, White Volakas, White Kynos, White Pighes, Kavala Semi White, Karnezeika Beige and many more. Choose the Greek marble that best suits your needs!
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